Why Android is Free Not iOS

Why Android is Free Not iOS

Today world the most number of smart phone are running with the android system, approximately 80% of the smart phone is having android OS. Because it is totally free and user friendly also. But iOS will be high cost also we could not find any other mobile or company.
i.e android can be found in Samsung but iOS cannot be found in Samsung or Readme or any other device. Because of there will be business reason will be there let see in this article why android system offers free to use not iOS system.
Android is an open source software owned by Google and that can be used or modified as we want. But iOS is not open source software and they are private software which is belongs to Apple company. So while getting from the private property we need to pay lot of money to the owner, and almost 70% of the revenue to the apple company comes from the mobile sale. Hence selling software to the other party means shadowing their own business. Also apple company cannot grow, to avoid such strategy apply company do not sell their software to other mobile manufacturer.
At the time of 2007, apple intended to sell their operating system, but their company faced huge losses.
Real Reason: Apple cannot grow, typically to create branding on their products.
Android belongs to property of our internet jambavan Google and 95% of the revenue are coming from online advertising. While selling the software to other mobile manufacturer, google demands to install their android apps as defaults. Therefore, google can easily pushes their advertiser ads using Admob technology.
Hence the revenue to the google comes easily and google can collect larger amount of data from the android phone.
But in case of iOS, they are not like Google, they cannot survive in internet like google. To make money from their product, they have to sell their iOS with Apple phone.
Final Words, whenever you are getting anything for free means, their you will be revenue for them.

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