Top 5 Mistakes Avoided while Charging your SmartPhone

Top 5 Mistakes Avoided Charging SmartPhone

Generally, we use smart phone either apple or android or linux with different manufacturer. In this, article we are going to study about top 5 mistakes that should be avoided in the charging concern.

Full Day charging:

First of all, We all love smartphone. Today’s life smart phones are being like one of our hand. While purchasing new smart phone, peoples are generally think that the battery should be put on charge for more than 24 hours in the switch of conditions, but actually it does not require to be charge for 24 hours in switch off condition. The smart phone manufacturer itself delivering the phone with 85% of battery backup.

Using Smartphone while charging:

Second, many say that we should not use our smart phone when they are in charging. Generally, when we use the handset we will be spending too much battery power, so the battery is likely to drain down quickly and thus the battery is charging is a little delayed if we use our smart phone on charging condition. Everyone says that when we put the battery on the charger we should not use that mobile phone that’s wrong. Hence no need to worry about it.

Battery Charger:

Coming to the smart phone business the manufacturture gives two things additionally while purchasing smart phone i.e Samsung manufacturer gives Samsung charger, Motorola manufacturer gives Motorola charger etc. while using smart phone charge will be exhausted, it is normal things, after exhausting we put them in charge by using respective phone charger. In that, many of us think that, the charger of the respective phone should be used to charge the phone. Other manufacturer charger cannot be used Like that. i.e Samsung charger cannot be used Motorola phone vice versa.
But the real fact is we can use any charger irrespective of the phone manufacturer. Since battery charger concern it is depending on voltage and current only none of the manufacturer. High current charges gives fast charging and low current charger gives low speed charging, it takes extra time to charge. All the battery output voltage will be 3.5V only. Hence any of the 5 to 8 voltage battery charger can be used to charge the batter if the connector is set.
At the same time the voltage of the battery charger should not be exceeded more than 8 volts. Also our recommendation is not do use fast charger, since fast charger pushes the electron very fast, hence you may have faster discharging time also

Switch off the phone when low charging:

Many of us think that, phone should be switched off when it is working at low battery level. While do this, we can save energy like that. But actually that’s wrong. Latest smartphone is coming with the inbuilt battery saver and they will be automatically enabled when the charge is low.
By switching off your handset once a week, we can provide unnecessary cache memory and increase the speed of our phone so it is not wrong to switch off frequently.
Also we can charge the batter in full night but do not worry, nothing will happen, coming to the today technology all the batteries are being manufactured with polarity protection. It acts as blocking control when the charge is full on your battery.

Batter saver App

At the same time, we do not want to use battery save mobile app, since latest android versions are coming with the inbuilt battery saver option, they automatically stop background processing apps. Also using battery saver increase the consumption of our battery. Hence we do not recommend to use battery saver app


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