Top 30 Real Facts About Apple Company

Top 30 Real Facts About Apple Company:

  1. Apple has started April 1 1976
  2. Behind the naming of apple, there is no rocket technology, the reason is very simple. Steve Jobs likes apple, that’s why it has named as Apple.
  3. Apple has three co-founder such as Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. In this, Ronald Wany was worked only 12 days on the Apple company. He had sold their Shares worth about $600 (after that he got 1500$ check) on 1976 to their company colleagues but today the value of the share is three lacks crore INR.
  4. On 2007 Apple has change their name from Apple computer Inc. to Apple Inc. The reason was revealed by Steve job is stated “We start manufacturing on other electronics products.”
  5. The main income source of the company is selling more number of iphone, it was designed by Tony fedal which model initially approached to real network and Philips but they were rejected. But now all iPhone is coming on the same model.
  6. On 2017 the money in the apple company is higher than the us treasury.
  7. On 2017 apple earns much higher than the joint earning of google+apple+amazon.
  8. Apple first computer has launched on April 11th by Steve jobs and it had price of $ 667.95 but Steve jobs had changed the price to 666.66$ since he likes 6.
  9. Apple first logo was like an apple fall on the Isaac newton head. Afterwards they changed their logo.
  10. For investing point of view, first Steve jobs started their company by selling his own car and Steve brother had used his scientific calculator.
  11. Apple is the only one company has launched first color camera, which was failured by the same was created a great revolution on electronics product.
  12. Suppose if apple become a country, then apple will be the 21st biggest country in the world. It has huge number of employees.
  13. 1991 to 2011 the net salary of Steve job was only one US dollar, while being CEO of the company. Since he sacrificed his money to devolve the company.
  14. Apple company’s retina display was designed by Samsung company
  15. All new iphone’s clock will be started by 9.41 AM, because of Steve Jobs was launched his first iphone on 2007 at the time.
  16. Bill gates helped to the apple company to avoid dival on 1997. At that time bill gates invested 150 million USD on apple company.
  17. Average of salary to the apple head quarter’s employee will be one crore INR.
  18. Apple will not give warranty on smoking near the computed. Because of apple PCB will be failured on smoke dust. So apple breaker the warranty for smoker.
  19. At 2012. Almost 3,12000 number of apple phone was sold. It is the huge number of iPhone sold in the history.
  20. AT that time, they earned 3 lacks rupees per one minutes.
  21. The world number one branding is Apple and it is worth of 8 lacks crore.
  22. Apple share is higher than the Russian share market.
  23. Even iPhone charged throughout the year, you get only $0.20 as electricity bill.
  24. For the first time, the Graphical interface was launched by apple. Graphical interface means, use clicking the desire object by using mouse. It was launched in apple lizard and apple mac.
  25. Apple does not believe the new employee; it conducts various fake project to revel their loyalty.
  26. When the first proto type hand over to Steve jobs and who put it into the water; he found water bubbles from the phone. So he said to remove the space of the water bubble. See how people are thinking.
  27. Siri voice assistant was fully procured by apple before android and black berry company.
  28. To buy iphone-6, the one of the fan queued for six months and which created sensation on apple iPhone.
  29. 2015 gold was recovered about 100kg from the broken iPhone. Today cost, it will be very high.
  30. At the time of distributing employment number to the apple employee, Steve Job’s brother was elected as number one and Steve jobs elected as number two. But Steve jobs says, I will not be behind anyone, so I choose number 0”
  31. Apple logo will be bitten. The real story is, while designing apple logo two model was selected and finally Steve jobs decided to use bitten logo because of it will be different and attract.

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