Top 12 Best Ways to Search in Google

Top 12 Best Ways to Search in Google:
As you know Google is one of the best search engine which gives exact result what you are looking for. Many of us just enter in the keyword but search something in google. But using below mentioned trick, you can get exactly. It saves times and internet bills. The main advantage of google is it will moniter the user experience on a page, how rich the page, how media contents are being used, how related to the search, etc. So in this article we are going to see 12 ways to searches in google which 96% of us really do not know.

1.      Multiple taps:

Whenever you search in google with the keyword, you always see fewer tab extra. i.e if you are searching a word is called MS Dhoni, then you get tab such as Web, News, Videos, Images, maps, shopping, books, flights, finance, personal; all the taps are related with the MS dhoni. If you want images, then you can get MS dhoni images etc.
2.      Exact matching keywords:
When you are searching for multiple keyword, i.e digital marketing India, in this, google break the all keyword and shows the result related to digital marketing India. But the result may not sufficient. So to get exact results or phrase matching then, you can enter quote first and last, the you get only the result of digital marketing India other results will be omitted.
Also using this way search, we can find plagiarism.
3.      Omitting keywords:
When you are searching for google with the multiple keyword google break the keyword and execute in different combination. i.e if you are looking to MS dhoni cricket, the you get results of MS dhoni as well as some results which related to cricket. To avoid this, you can use below mentioned symbol.
  • MS dhoni –cricket
It omits the results for cricket.
At the same time when you are adding + symbol followed by the keyword adds in your search results.
  • MS dhoni +cricket

4.      Keywords in the title, description, URL etc:

Using this web search, you can get exact keyword match with weather the keyword should be included in title or decryption or URL or in all.
allintext:MS dhoni cricket   => It gives the results of ms dhoni cricket in all of the results such as text, title, url. If you need a search keyword should appear on only in specific, then you can use below mentioned.
intitle:MS dhoni cricket  =>  search keyword only in title
allinurl:MS dhoni cricket  => search keyword url only
intext: MS dhoni cricket  => search keyword in text only.

5.      Keyword search within the specific website:

If you want to search results from a specific website, then you can use below mentioned,
  • Electrical android or “Transformer”
It means google shows the search results about electrical android app only from the website. It does not show the results from other related sites.

6.      Searching specific file:

Searching specific file is another most useful feature of google search. i.e If you are looking for job notification pdf, the you can use below mentioned syntax such as asterisk search term followed by filetype.
  • *Job notification* filetype:pdf
During above search, google indexes only pdf file which is related to the keyword job notification. If you want to change specific file type just replace the pdf to your specific file format.
7.      Searching for Places:
Google map is a most powerful product from google. Google tracks all android devices and consolidate in to maps. It gives exact location as well as navigating to specific places. Whenever search for a place by including the keyword “place” or “location” then google indexes the result about places only.
i.e “I want best places in Chennai”. See the google results which first come with the google maps.
8.      Symbol followed by searches:
If you are looking for specific profile name in social media, then you can search with the @ or # symbol followed by their profile name.
  • @doctdoct
Here you see the search results only from the social media. Such way that you can find any one profile name from social media.
9.      Related sites:
If you are looking for the same related website, i.e if you want a site which related to amazon, the you can use below mentioned syntax,
Now you can view the search results of different shopping site from google which is same as
10.  Site links from the same site:
When you need a specific website outbound link, the you can use below syntax
Now see the most of the links related to displays.

11.      Word Definition

When you want know definition about the specific word then you have to use the following syntax
  • define:yourkeyword
i.e now I want to know the meaning of the word is called notification; then if I place following syntax such as define:notification, then I get the exact dictionary definition for the keyword notification. This trick useful for the literature student.
12.      Optional Searches:
When you are looking for two different multiple keywords at a same time means then use the flowing syntax such as
  • “best accident lawyer in Chennai” or “car insurance claim lawyer in Chennai”
It search both the phrases and displays the results.


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