Top 10 Hidden Settings in Google Chrome For Power User

Top 10 settings in google chrome:

Google chrome is a browser which is owned by almost 68% of the internet users are using google chrome as default browser. You can create as many number you want. In this article we are going to see 11 best google chrome settings that you should enable it immediately.

1.      Disabling Background apps:

Google chrome contains many web applications or apps in their store. You can easily install them. In that many applications will run in background and eats your CPU power. i.e due to that your computer may get slow. Example: If you are using proxy extention, it always monitors your IP location and runs in background. To avoid this, just go to your chrome settings => advance settings => Click uncheck “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”. As default condition the settings will be enabled.

2.      Parallel Downloading:

Parallel downloading means while downloading a file from internet web browser provides priority or accelerates for the first file, by enabling parallel download, we get acceleration for all parallel downloadings. For that go to chrom://flags => just search for parallel and you get option is called parallel downloading => just enable it from default settings. Now you get extra speed on downloading file through chrome browser. It is available for both desktop as well as mobile.

3.      Automatic tab discarding:

This feature is useful for people who are using more number of tabs. This feature stops running or downloading the tabs when tab is hidden. i.e if you are opening and at the same time, but if you stay in means, then the tab automatically stop downloading. When you visiting the tab, then it starts working. This feature is good for those running with low memory space. But it is not good for people who wants result faster.
To enable this just go to chrome://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding in the address bar and hit the Enter button. This will open the Google Chrome’s “Experiments” tab.

4.      Changing the search engine:

In chrome, google search engine will be a default search engine. Whatever you search in the chrome address bar will be displayed by google. To change this or to use different search engine just go to Chrome://settings => scroll down => find out default search engine near to the home tab => in that you can use any search engine as you want. Example: If you want as default search engine then make it as default search engine.
All the search query results will be displayed from

5.      Ominbox drive

This is an important feature of google chrome. While entering the search keyword in the chrome, there itself you can find the answer as well as suggestion. Example now I am searching for “who is the prime minister of India” but chrome itself gives the result as Mr Narander Modi. To enable this feature, just go to chrome://flags => search for Query in Omnibox=> enable it.
7.      Chrome duet:
Chrome duet is special future for android users; whenever searching something in chrome browser, all the main accessories will be on the top side, but enabling chrome duet option you can bring then in to down. To enable this, just launch chrome browser in your android phone => type the address bar such as “chrome://flags“=> search chrome duet => enable it. Now you can browse and share the URL easily.

8.      Autosaving for Web Pages to View Them Offline

By enabling chrome://flags: Enable Show Saved Copy Button you can view saved pages on offline. Also it reduces the internet data consumption.

9.      Autofill Predictions:

If you use Chrome’s Autofill feature to fill out web forms, you know how convenient and time saving it is. You can make it even more so with this simple tweak in chrome://flags: enable Show Autofill predictions. What this does is that it turns relevant autofill predictions into placeholder text based on the field type.

10.  Cleanup the computer:

This feature is used to find the infected files in your computer. To enable this feature, just go to chrome setting => Advance settings => scroll down end of the page and execute the cleanup computer feature and chrome will detect the harmful file in your computer.

Video Explanation Of Top 10 settings in Google Chrome For Power User:


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