Three Types of Micro Phone Connector

Three Types of Micro Phone Connector:

Earn phone or micro phone or ear speaker is one of the most useful gadget in today’s life. Using that you can hear songs, voice calls, other audios, etc. also it is used to transmit audio signal from one point to another point. Such types of head phones are generally classified in three types according to its construction. They are single plug pin, double plug pin and three plug pin. In this article, we are going to study about above three types of ear phone cables

Single Plug Pin:

In single plug pins are having two electric conductors such as positive and ground. The audio signal current will be flow from positive to ground like that. Using these single plug pin we can hear only one side, in the speaker either right side or left side. It often carries the left ear’s sound waves. It can be called as single channel communication channel. Such single channel communication used for either receiving or sending signal to the other devices. Also you can see that in picture, the top one is called left and bottom one is called ground.
Example: micro phone, speaker

Double Plug Pin:

These type of connectors are having three types pins such as left, right and grounds. Using these micro phone connector, we can hear two side. Here ground is called as common point and right terminal is used to send signal to one side of the speaker and left and ground terminal is used to send the signal to another side of the speaker. These connectors are called as double channel communication. It is also called as stereo plug. It is used in earphone, speaker, radio etc. These connectors cannot be used micro phone.

Three Plug Pin:

Three plug connectors are having four pins such as left, right, ground and microphone. These plug connectors are generally used in audio and video transmission, smart phone headset and home theater etc.
It is used in our smartphone earphone, audio and sound receiver etc.


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