How to Solve Adsense Violation Valuable Inventory: No Content

How to Solve Adsense Violation Valuable Inventory: No Content

Adsense is a publishers earning program which is owned by google. Getting adsense approval to website is very difficult. Google adsense review each application manually. Adsense rejects almost 90% application in the first attempt itself; also they tell exact reason for rejection of your application. I such ways that, In this article we are going to see another common way of rejection reason is Valuable Inventory: No Content.
Formally valuable inventory: No content is called as Insufficient content.

Valuable inventory: No Content,

  • The pages do not exist of contains very little content which is no value added to the users. Adsense ads cannot be displayed on the empty pages.
  • The site contains very less number pages not even to give the user to scroll the page.
  • The site does not contain information pages such as about us, contact us, privacy policy etc.
  • Google adsense bot does not able to crawl your site properly. This is occurring due to slow sites, template errors, codes placement issue etc.

How to solve valuable inventory: No content violation

  • Always concentrate on content; coming to digital marketing website content will be core for advertisement. Always write rich content. Through about your topic, so that user can have spent more time on your site.
  • Maintain content length at least minimum words of 500 to 800 words.
  • Add about us, contact us, comment pages, disclaimer pages etc.
  • Buy custom domain
  • Never use copyrighted images and copy righted content.
  • Submit your sitemap to all search engine such as google, bing, duckduckgo etc.
  • Avoid broken links, such as do not link the pages which does not exist. It creates unnecessary navigation problem.
Follow above point and apply again to the adsense, then you can make huge money from google adsense.

Video Explanation Of How to Get Adsense Within 4 Days:


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