How to Recover Monetization disabled YouTube Channel [100% Working]

How to Recover Monetization disabled YouTube Channel [100% Working] :

Youtube has started at 2008 as dating website. From 2013 onwards it is being like million rupees’ business center. You can make money by uploading videos through google adsense. Google adsense are having strict polices to protect their advertisers from online fraudulent activities. But many of the adsense publisher’s account may be disabled due to invalid activates such as invalid clicks, invalid traffic, incentivized traffic etc. even good publishers also suffering due to these policy violations. So in this article we are going to study about how to recover monetization on disabled youtube channel.
Step1: Login to your old youtube channel => go to channel tab and click on monetization => there you see your exact monetization details. => then go to the following link => there you can find the exact reason for the monetization disabled. If your monetization is disabled for adsense policy violation, then go to step 2 otherwise create new adsense account and connect this youtube channel your monetization will be enabled automatically.
Step2: Now create new youtube channel with different Gmail id with different mobile number. The signup for adsense as usual regular procedure using monetization tab. Also wait for 48 hours to activate your adsense account of new youtube channel
Step3: Now login to your adsense account (new) => go to accounts and authority => then add your old email id which adsense account was disabled => set as administrator
Step4: Now go to old youtube channel monetization tab=> use the following link
Step5: Here change the adsense account associated with existing youtube channel => Go to Next => it redirects to adsense account of new one => after completion of adsense change over your account will be enabled.

Video Explanation: How to Recover Monetization disabled YouTube Channel [100% Working]


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