How To Recover Blogger content from one Blogger to Another blogger

How To Recover Blogger content:

Blogger is free platform in that you can create awesome blog for free. is the one of the top 5 highest traffic website in the world. To create blog on you need to have Gmail ID. But unfortunately if you are missed or delete your Gmail account means you cannot recover your blogger blogspot content. In this article we are going to see how to recover blogger content.

Using atom feed method:

Atom feed is a web feed that uses the Atom Syndication Format and the Atom Publishing Protocol. It is used to synchronize the content between search engine as well as your website. In blogger, you can create sitemap using atom feed xml format. Let see how to recover content in blogger.
Step1: use the following url in the browser search box.
Using this method, you can download 150 number of content at single time. If you have more than 150 then you can use the following URL:
This URL used to download the post between 150 to 300
Continue until your total number of post reached
Step2: After viewing this, just copy the content to your local notepad file and save it as xml formal.
Step3: Now login to your blogger dashboard which you want to upload the content. Go to settings => others => import content => verify that you are not robot => also here you have to check or uncheck the “Automatically publish all imported posts and pages” => select the xml file which you have created using notepad. => That’s all after successful uploading your content will be published on your website.
Note: using this method you can download maximum 750 content per day. Beyond that limit we have to continue after 24 hours.

Blogger feed method:

Using this method, we can transfer 24 post in as day. To take blogger feed go to basic settings => import content => verify that you are not robot. => select the file from your computer. => in that use the following URL
  • Atom 1.0:
  • RSS 2.0:
Then upload it => our blogger automatically picks up the content from the another blog.
Step4: this is legal method; in that you have to take content backup on your local computer and upload it into another blogger. Blogger copy 150 post at a time and remaining you have to follow above procedure.

Video Explanation: How To Recover Blogger content from one Blogger to Another blogger


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