How to downgrade WordPress to Older Version Or Specific Version

How to downgrade wordpress to older version:

WordPress is the one of the most powerful open source program. It is built in PHP. It is totally free and it is server side scripting. Currently wordpress 5.3 has launched with the new updates of online content editing option. but it is difficult to use as compared with older version. At the same time when you enable auto update, the wordpress automatically updates from older version to newer version.
Hence in this article we are going to see how to downgrade wordpress from new version to desired version.
Step1: Install the wordpress, if you do not have previously or just login to your wordpress site using below example link:
Step2: Go to plugin store (click on add new plugin) and if you are using you have to download and upload the plugin. Most of the self-hosting wordpress comes with the plugin store.
Step3: Search for wp downgrade plugin. The you see a plugin as shown in the figure. just click on install Now. After installation just activate it. Also, using this plugin you can create a website with specific wordpress version
Step4: Now go to setting option, in that you see “wp downgrade” option, just click on that.
Step5: After that just enter the wordpress specific core version. i.e if you are going to downgrade wordpress version from 5.3.0 to 4.9.8 then you just enter in the field as 4.9.8.
Step6: Click on the button is called upgrade/downgrade.
Note: Too much downgrading the wordpress version is not advisable. It may cause serious security issues
Step7: Click on “If you need to re-install version 4.9.8–en_GB, you can do so here: Reinstall button” After few minutes your hosting setup automatically downloads the specific wordpress version from the wordpress directory. Also, you should downgrade the all plugin which was installed previously. Otherwise the plugin does not work properly.

How to downgrade wordpress version without plugin:

In this method, you should have bit knowledge about online program installation. For that go to and download the specific core version in the zip format. Upload it in you hosting. Also you should have specific PHP version on your web hosting otherwise it cannot be installed.
Please follow the steps to install wordpress in remote server,
Step1: Download and Extract, in that download the WordPress package to your computer with a web browser and unzip the package. Or directly upload the wordpress file in to your website using FTP (you can use any FTP client such as FileZilla or Smart FTP).
Step2: Create the Database and a User, in that crate data base and user name in your MySql data base. For more information use this link:


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