5 Ways Make Money from Google Adsense

5 Ways Make Money from Google Adsense:

Adsense in publisher’s partner program which is owned by Google. Getting adsense approval to any website is very difficult. But once it is approved then you can make money online without any trouble. But at the same time, adsense stays with the strict policy and each publisher should obey their policy at any condition. Violating their policy may casus suspension or termination of their program. But adsense is only way you can make more money from online. But many of us really knows about adsense is only for content & videos but really we have 5 ways to make money from adsense. In this article, we are going to deep dive on 5 ways to make only online. Lets start..

Adsense for Content:

Almost 5+ million websites are using google adsense, in this revenue share will be 68% to publishers and 32% to the google. Getting approval from adsense for content is very difficult task. But google always support real content. Hence to get easy approval from adsense put good content useful content. Coming to the payment view, you can add payment details after reaching payment threshold of 100$. Also, there is two verification process are current going on for Indian adsense account one is PIN verification and another one is ID verification. For ID verification, you have to verify with our Government authorized ID cards such as Voter ID, driving license or Author card etc. or Bank statement, telephone bill or rent receipt.

For PIN verification is used to avoid null user account. To pass this, just add your correct address to in the payment section. For that you get a letter which contains 6-digit number, you have to enter in the PIN area. Adsense payment generally proceed after 21st of every month through wire transfer.
Investment: Not required
Adsense account: Very Difficult to get

Adsense for Videos:

Adsense for videos can be done in two ways, one is through youtube and another one is direct self-hosting videos. For youtube, the revenue share will be 55% to publishers and 45% to the Youtube-Google.com for self-hosting 68% for publisher’s ad 32% for adsense.
For youtube: You should have Youtube channel and it should have 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours. after reaching that, you can apply for adsense from youtube itself.
For self-hosting videos: For self-hosting video platform you should have a high volume of video content, i.e., greater than 40% video content with over 2 million video impressions monthly. And your video player should have integrated with Google IMA SDK and/or compliant with VAST 3.0 and VPAID 2 JS.
Investment: Not required
Adsense account: Very Difficult to get

Adsense for custom searches:

Google optimize their program policies to ads for searches also. Using this, you can make huge money as compared with adsense for content and adsense for videos. For that you should have active adsense account for content. In that you can create a custom search engine. In this method, you can select either web search or selected site search, i.e if you have huge content you can choose your site only.
Ok how it works?, When user passes search query on your site means, the query directly feed into google search engine, then the results will be displayed on your website itself. while sending the result google fetch ads also. When user clicking on the ads, you can make money through adsense.
But the revenues share will be 51% to publishers and 49% will be taken by google.
Investment: Not required
Adsense account: Very Difficult to get

Adsense for Admob:

Admob is an another way of make money from android and ios applications. This is only for mobile applications. Using this method, you can make huge money by just providing simple android apps. Generally, you get inertial and banner ads etc. Also you can use other ad network also. The revenues share will be 55% to publishers and 45% will be taken by google.
Adsense account: Very easy to get
Investment: required

Adsense for search:

This is totally different method; in this method you should have own search engine. Google verify your search engine then it will approve it. It is same as custom search engine. But the search engine will be of yours and the revenue share will be 68% to you and 32 %will be taken by google.
Note: you can make either way from adsense for videos or content or admob or search, but you should respect their program policies.


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